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MLM Superstars are Welcome!

Business Opportunity UAE / GCC MLM Superstars are Welcome!


“If you already have past experience in MLM, you are primed and ready for the best opportunity in the world!”

FM is making its official landing in the UAE October 14th 2012 & a plan for an expansion to the other GCC will soon follow and be announced, ALL NATIONALITIES will be welcome! Only a few superstars have already risen while introducing FM onto the market, nearly 2,000+ members have already joined the FM family in the UAE and you too can be the next FM Millionaire here. Are you ready?

Since November 2011 last year, a special group within the FM network known as the AMG Group created by Self Made Millionaire, Humanist & Entrepreneur, in anticipation of the Grand Official Opening schedule for September 2012 in the United Arab Emirates, decided to prepare the market by introducing FM ahead of its official launch by introducing its perfumes. Since then, over 38,000+ FM perfumes have been sold throughout the UAE successfully by 2,000+ members who have been engaged in Direct Selling! This very much anticipated explosive growth quickly led to the acquisition of FM UAE & the GCC! This is no a surprise, after all FM has proven itself by spreading in over 50+ countries and recruiting over 1,000,000 distributors globally. What is a surprise however, is how AMG was able to develop a market with a group of leaders ahead of FM’s arrival and with limited benefits restricting all of its members to Direct Selling. How can 2,000+ members join this FM ahead of its arrival and effectively result in the most successful pre launch ever experienced by FM Worldwide? Simply put- FM is perfect for the Middle East and for giving people of all walks of life the opportunity to earn extra income not to mention this region absolutely adores perfumes and high quality perfumes are much sought after especially when its branded counterparts are up to 80% more expensive! The approach to introducing FM to the market was delicately and personally handled by Alexander Michaels, humanist at heart, willing to support the FM mission with all those who seek a change in their lives! Since November 2011, 7 days a week without fail Alexander Michaels have been coaching and supporting over 2,000 of UAE’s members not to mention his thousands of other members spread throughout the world! And you’re now about to get “in” on it because you know a good opportunity when you see one. Right? Below are five quick reasons why you should join.

Reason #1 Because You Will Represent A Product that Virtually Sells Itself

How many MLM’s out there are all about recruiting? But the focus is not on the product? How many MLM’s out there have products that are overpriced, over-rated, with minimum quotas imposed onto its members which are often ridiculously high especially for those with low income, not to mention those companies out there getting people to buy products they would never otherwise purchase which is resulting always in taking away hard earned money from the people and often those product’ result is impossible to measure. What do we mean by that? Well in case you haven’t noticed, there are more than just a handful of MLM’s out there that are in the health, wellness, and weight-loss business. Others sell vitamins, others sell skin promises. All of them have this in common- it is virtually impossible to test if their promises are true up front. I’m not saying their products are junk- although some are and many of them are really not needed, they are just gimmicks convincing people of its miraculous effect by throwing scientific data to those who cannot interpret it and test its effectiveness – others are indeed quality products but most of the products out there offered is simply a luxury to those regular hard working OFWs. But how can you sell it if you can’t prove it? After all, it takes a while to lose weight, it takes a while to be pimple-free, or healthier because of supplements. But with perfume? Cosmetics? Home Care Products?

You spray it. They smell it. You use it and right there and then you can see confirm its quality and results. They either like it or they don’t. They usually do. And that’s a quick and easy sale for you. Money in your pocket (or a new downline).

There’s a lot more information on this site on the product if you want to read further. But the point we’re making here is quick and simple. Starting at only 199AED, smelling nearly the same as original branded perfumes, with the highest quality, having access to the global leader in perfume ingredients, and selling it a grade higher than the commercial grade (eau de parfum vs eau de toilette), all you need to do is smell good, walk in a room, and talk a little bit about the product, and you’ve got a sale. It’s that simple. And wait until the FM Cosmetic Collection arrives late in 2012 and its Home Care Collection, YOU WILL BE AMAZED! And that’s why FM is growing so much and its members are getting so rich.

Reason #2 Because our Business Plan is Fair and Lucrative

We do not believe that MLM is about a bunch of people recruiting others who will do all the work while they sit and get paid as they do nothing, and all the people under them earn nothing.

We believe MLM is about a bunch of people working for a time, recruiting others who will also do their part, and all of them get paid and get rich together.

The difference? No one gets the unfair treatment. Early people have some advantages, but no one takes advantage of other people… How does our marketing plan ensure this? Simple- by paying people from the bottom, up. That means your downline gets paid before you do. It also means you get paid before your upline. Uplines only get paid the difference between their own commission level and that of their downlines. Everything is fair. Everyone is happy. And paid. We invite you to review and even scrutinize the business plan before joining. Starting October we will have an extensive video Collection & collateral of FM Marketing Plan!

Reason #3 A Billion-Dollar Evergreen Industry

Let me tell you a fact that gives you a bit of insight in human behavior. Did you know that in the 2009 financial downturn, Hollywood made more money than ever before? That doesn’t make sense right? After all, people care more about their basic needs than their wants, and entertainment. Right? Well the stats show we’re wrong. When times got hard, they looked for an escape, and they found it in Hollywood.

We have inside information- actual sales statistics, that in the Middle East and especially in the UAE and all of its neighboring countries, the cosmetics industry is skyrocketing! People want to look good. People want to feel good about themselves. So here’s what you need to know – selling perfumes and cosmetics in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the GCC region and its neighboring countries is going to make YOU and YOUR DOWNLINES money. Period. Good times and bad times. It’s like toothpaste. When you run out, you buy some more. The demand is huge, and it recurs everytime the customer needs more.

Reason #4 The BEST Team in the Business

Many people couldn’t care less what the product is, or the company. Seriously. This is an MLM fact. What they do care about is this: “Who’s my upline going to be? Is he going to be God’s gift to marketers? Or will he be a jerk?” And you know what? This is one of the most important questions that should be answered, if not THE most important. Yes we are all independent members, but MLM is a team effort. If you want to win you need to be in the winning team. New signups should be trained, encouraged, equipped, and then launched. And then they should be taught how to train, encourage, equip and launch their own new recruits. If this system is not in place, everything collapses. But guess what. We have it. We have training videos, online support, DVD’s, sales materials, top-notch presentations, graphic designs, brainstorming, masterminds, meetups, parties, internal rewards and incentives… we take everything that’s already good about FM and make it even better. This is why we are experiencing miracles after miracles boldly approaching new market armed with a vision and the know how! This is a fact.

Reason #5 You’re Still on Time

More good news. You’re right on time. Not too early, not too late. Too early means you have to live through the kinks- while the company is testing the market and seeing what works and what doesn’t. You don’t want to be a part of a company that is still experimenting. Too late means there are 100 people in the country and you are the 99th to sign up. You only have 1 person to sell to. You don’t want that either. The good news is you are right on time. Here’s the fact of the matter- it was only months after our arrival to the UAE in November 2011 that AMG Group discovered what works here – selling the best sellers of the world. We have released the top 100 selling perfumes, prepare & trained our leaders and those who developed a true passion and love for FM and the signups skyrocketed. The AMG Group recruited over 2,000 distributors since that time. In October 2012, FM UAE will be expanding its product line- offering Cosmetics and Home Care products (See View Products Section) Can you imagine that?

Long story short – we are already 2,000+ people selling a tried-and-tested hot selling product made from the best in Europe to a 40,000,000-strong market (GCC) already worth 4.5 billion dollars a year not to mention the nearby other countries whose favorite trading stop is Dubai and the BEST PART IS WE ARE THE ONLY FM COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TAX FREE!!!! That is right, your commission is tax free! All of FM’s new products are arriving soon! You’re right on time. Take advantage of that.

This is a much shorter read than the other pages on this site. Why? Because you’re a veteran. You already know MLM. If you want to know more, you can visit Alexander’s BLOG in the section FM Daily Inspiration on this site for more information so you can be acquainted with the latest FM UAE & GCC news, we have videos, other facts and information. But if you are convinced, you know a good deal when you see one, you have true intuition about a great opportunity when presented and have a good feeling about this, why waste time? Soon you will be able, through this site, to sign up in just minutes. And if you use your credit card, you will receive training IMMEDIATELY upon signing! If you do not wish to wait for this soon to be launched PHASE II of AMG.FM then simply contact us by email or visit us at our FM Dubai Center.

It’s time to join the dream team. Imagine what we can do together. The world is ours.